Aerospace and Defence


  • An ongoing focus on infrastructure consolidation, with the aim of reducing capital expenditure and minimising the impact of budget cuts

  • Security clearance and vetting of qualified technical staff to enable access to sensitive or secret locations/information

  • An increased demand for public accountability and transparency of expenditure

  • Shared infrastructure programs designed to deliver cost savings and greater efficiency within a reformed defence ICT strategy

  • Management and monitoring of big data applications with an emphasis on user authentication and systems security

Integy Approach:

Aerospace and Defence


  • Delivery of advanced mobile and collaboration technologies, helping to improve communication and process efficiencies

  • Secure, agile and flexible. Cloud-based infrastructure, delivering IT-on-demand at a predictable, utility-based cost

  • Maintaining a roster of BC, SC and DV cleared CCIE engineers to expedite the design and deployment of complex network solutions in secure environments

  • Self-service solutions to offer enhanced, multi-channel engagement

  • High-capacity electronic storage, archiving and retrieval of documents to assist Big Data analytics