Building and Construction


  • Geographically distributed users and office environments fulfilling multiple roles

  • The need to rapidly deploy temporary installations and business-grade connectivity to remote, unconnected sites

  • Challenging environments in which IT must be both robust and effective, delivering usability and availability

  • Time-constrained, project-based applications where systems down-time can affect project timelines and profitability

  • The need for high levels of physical security and data protection

Integy Approach:

Building and Construction


  • Seamless connectivity between offices, sites, clients, suppliers and mobile users to ensure open lines of communication at all times

  • IP-based technologies, wired & wireless, allowing rapid site service availability

  • UC to improve collaboration, creating a more flexible workforce, enabling the remote sharing of assets, reducing travel costs and speeding up the decision making process

  • Agile and scalable cloud-based infrastructure and UC that can be scaled up and down quickly according to changing demands

  • Off-site back-up and disaster recovery in case of service affecting interruptions to site services