• An ongoing commitment to eliminate delays in patient care, shorten the length of stay and reduce costs through process efficiencies across all parts of the NHS

  • A security-first approach to data protection, ensuring the integrity and privacy of patient data at all times

  • Provide patients with access to the best medical experts through remote or mobile diagnosis, wherever they are

  • Enhance collaboration across geographically dispersed teams through better sharing of resources and clinical information

  • Instant access to patient records and medical information – anywhere, any time and on any device; whether in a clinic, operating theatre, visiting outpatients or providing emergency care

  • A legacy of outdated and incompatible systems that are difficult to manage and impact negatively on the overall patient experience

Integy Approach:



  • Make quicker decisions about patient care with instant access to digital patient records through reliable network infrastructure and connectivity

  • Enhanced patient and visitor experience with advanced call-handling, routing and interaction-on-demand contact centres

  • Improve communication with remote clinicians, other trusts and agencies through secure, real time file sharing and collaboration solutions

  • Enhanced network security; including encryption of patient data as it passes across public and private networks

  • Reduce hospital waiting times and free up beds with mobile and remote working solutions to take healthcare in to the patients’ home

  • Integration of clinical, operational and back-office systems to provide both efficiencies and improvements in the overall standard of patient care and communication