• Larger legal firms are often characterised by their complex infrastructure; which commonly features a range of legacy equipment and bespoke applications

  • The professional services sector, like many others, is subject to strict data protection, security and compliance regulations; a situation made more complex by the advent of big data applications

  • The legal sector is characterised by periods of rapid expansion, due to mergers and acquisitions, adding an additional tier of complexity to legacy systems

  • IT is unlikely to be viewed as a core component of the business; in a fee-based organisation, IT is commonly seen as a cost-centre rather than a revenue-generating department

Integy Approach:



  • Unified Communication solutions, providing instant access to vital client and case data, anywhere, any time, on any device

  • Compliant call recording applications with instant access to search and playback functionality

  • Secure data storage, access and back-up services featuring encryption of data both at rest and in motion

  • Support for the growth in BYOD, remote and mobile workers with instant access to business critical data and applications wherever they have internet connectivity

  • Fully integrated CRM solutions with links to billing and practice management solutions

  • Secure, real-time audio and video conferencing and collaboration applications; reducing travel time and maximising face-to-face contact with clients, wherever they are