Azure and iboss Improve Web and Office 365 Performance

Lightening Internet Speeds with Azure and iboss

Azure and iboss Improve Web and Office 365 Performance

Over the last couple of months Integy have helped a great number of businesses with remote working challenges.

High on the list of requirements have been 'I need my users to have fast performance in relation to web and Office 365 access!'

Our answer to this question each time has been do you need to backhaul all of your internet traffic over your VPN to your HQ? Do you need to be reliant on your corporate internet connection at all?

After talking it through, invariable the answer is....' I need web security wherever my users are?!'

Most corporate remote access solutions at the moment are built up-on VPN or some kind of hosted desktop environment.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, Citrix and a iboss partner, we have been able to quickly meet this challenge head on. Our solutions are providing users with the best possible web and Office 365 performance possible.

  • Users of VPN solutions are making full use of available internet bandwidth by utilising a cloud based secure web gateway from iboss, that provides leading security as well as Office 365 intelligent optimisation. 
  • By migrating desktop workloads to Azure, users of hosted desktop solutions such as Citrix, VMware, Remote Desktop Services are able to take advantage of lightening fast speeds, completely protected by the next generation features of iboss. Likewise users of Windows Virtual Desktop.

The video that follows shows the dramatic web and Office 365 performance gains that can be achieved by hosting workloads in Azure.

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