CASE STUDY - OneDrive Migration

Seamlessly moving to OneDrive.

CASE STUDY - OneDrive Migration

"Integy were able to migrate us across to OneDrive and allowed me to provide my users with upto 1TB of data each, all while improving my audit and reporting capabilties! With native integration to Office 365 applications my users are now able to collaborate and document share in a much more efficient way" - IT Manager Public Sector.

Integy were asked to simplify the migration to OneDrive

Client Challenge

Faced with an aging infrastructure the client had a number of challenges around storing user data on their on-premises infrastructure. Increased dis-satisfaction was being raised by senior staff members in relation to three main problems.

  • Capacity. Lack of available storage space
  • Availability. Poor reliability met with failed backups and lack of retention
  • Collaboration. Inability to easily share and collaborate on documents


Having reviewed the infrastructure Integy recommended as part of a strategic direction user data was moved to OneDrive. As the client used a mixture of laptops and session-based computing solutions Integy provided implementation consultancy to simplify the migration.

  • OneDrive client deployed to Windows 10 laptop estate and session-based solution
  • Configuration of OneDrive using the Files on Demand feature to minimise the requirement on local storage
  • Implementation of a containerised profile solution on the session-based capability
  • Seamless automated migration of data to OneDrive
  • Integration of cloud-based backup


  • OneDrive deployed across the End User Computing solution
  • Consistent user experience regardless of device
  • Seamless data migration
  • Saving of over 10TB of data
  • Reduction in backup overhead
  • Simplified document sharing and collaboration

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