Integy Cloud Desktop For Education


Integy Cloud Desktop For Education

Whilst the current situation is not ideal, it does represent an opportunity to change the way Technology is viewed and consumed in Education. To continue operating, Educational establishments are having to rapidly deploy capabilities to:

  • Facilitate Staff and Learner home working
  • Expand compute and storage capacity
  • Provide user centric security to remote locations
  • Reduce paper usage!

Deploying new services in such a way can often lead to overstretched IT teams, budget constraints and ultimitely a sub-optimal solution being implemented.

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By extending your Education IT environment into the Cloud, Integy will enable your Senior Leadership and IT teams to create a modern IT workplace, allowing Staff and Students to work from anywhere, accessing the data and applications they need from any device in a simple and secure manner.

What this means for my School?

  • Provide a scalable IT solution which can flex to your usage and needs
  • Consume IT services for a predictable cost  
  • Continue teaching and operating during uncertainty
  • Provide a secure, compliant IT environment
  • Prolong the life of existing hardware 
  • Reduce administration overhead to support IT

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What this means for my Teachers and Students?

  • Allow teachers to use technology in an effective way to connect with students of various learning needs
  • Provides a modern, functional IT environment
  • Facilitate online learning whilst staying compliant 
  • A simplified IT environment with a reduced learning curve
  • Bring School IT in-line with what Students are used to at home, preparing them for the future workplace
  • Allow Staff and Students to use their own devices securely 

The Technical Details...

This turnkey service provides:

  • Extension of your existing IT environment into the Cloud
  • Creation of a Windows 10, optimised hosted desktop which can be securely accessed from existing corporate devices, thin clients, IOS, Android, Chrome Books and many more
  • Installation and optimisation of Office 365 applications and applications specific to your environment
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the hosted environment

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