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Integy work with a number of private and public healthcare providers including the NHS. We understand the criticality and complexity of systems, the need for performance and availability, security requirements and the time pressures of technical resource.

Our experience in healthcare has given us a sound understanding of clinical applications, information assurance and integration challenges. This experience ensures that we are able to help trusts and organisations reduce costs, save time and improve care.

Primary Concerns Within Healthcare

  • Increased Operating Costs
  • The need to be mobile
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Securing Data
  • Digital Transformation


NHS Healthcare VDI | Integy


During the battle against COVID19 Integy were at the forefront of providing GPs in Primary Care the ability to access clinical systems when working from home.

As a result we are now able to provide cloud based virtual desktop solutions with the full range of clinical applications (including SystmOne and EMIS) with full access to the HSCN from BYOD devices. 

This means that provision to applications such as EMIS, SystmONE, AccuRX, Adastra can be undertook and clinicians can view full patient records, issue prescriptions and make referrals from remote locations or home.

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