Azure Transformation

Without a doubt, Cloud computing has revolutionised the way IT services are consumed and delivered. Services such as the Microsoft Cloud, Office and Microsoft 365 have truly allowed enterprise capabilities to be obtainable within the budget of even the smallest organisation.

Whilst the cloud appears to offer a simple, click and go approach this is far from the case. Cloud services should be treated like any IT service, with proper design and integration. Thought should be given to whether Cloud is the right path compared to On-Premise, often leading to a hybrid of the two. How do you navigate this minefield? This is where we come in!

As a Microsoft and Citrix Cloud Service Provider, Integy are experts in both Cloud and On-Premise infrastructure. We have been designing solutions which span multiple organisation locations, multiple cloud and even multiple countries for years. We will work with your organisations senior leadership and existing I.T teams to help set the path, design and deliver the solution whilst also providing the necessary licenses via one supplier.

Typical Cloud Engagements

  • Assessment - understand the drivers to cloud computing, the benefits and the pitfalls
  • Design - design the transition, prove concepts
  • Migration - migrate workloads and services to the cloud
  • Transformation - ensure the most optimal use of cloud computing