Cyber Security

With our background in Government and Defence, security is baked into everything we do.

We believe that a base standard of I.T security should be applied to an Integy managed environment, whether it’s for an accredited Government network or a Primary School ICT environment.

Are your remote working capabilities SASE enough?!

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

I.T industry thought leaders have long predicted that the way organisations are consuming I.T is forcing a change in the way security is delivered.

A key change adopted by the most forward thinking I.T providers is “SASE”.

I.T security no longer relies on the castle and moat practice of protecting just your internal network and forcing all your users to work behind the trenches.

The SASE model, in a nutshell, implies the same level of security everywhere. We implement the latest security and networking technologies to protect your users wherever they work, providing a consistent user and security experience whether the work is being done in the office, coffee shop or at the airport.

Integy can work with you to implement advanced Secure Web Gateway services to allow your users access to the services they need and demand, anywhere whilst maintaining corporate controls such as Advanced Web Filtering, Malware Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Cloud Access Security Brokering. All of this is possible without forcing your users to connect back to the office via legacy VPN's.